Brand’s Angel Ritual Working 3

I began the ritual on Thursday night as prescribed.  I performed it yesterday before work as well.  Today I’ve just completed the ritual, and sincei had more time today I really got into it.

i prefaced the working with the 12 & 13 meditative state from The Inner Temple of Witchcraft which helped get my mind in the right state for ritual.  I focused on acting out the ritual with forceful motions, really working from a position of power.  I tried to feel the lightning strike each time I spoke an angelic name (Brand suggests that when singing the angelic name to envision a lightning bolt striking down).  I chanted the Invocation Chant slowly at first and then built up speed until I couldn’t keep the words straight.  At the climax of the chant, I placed a hand on the talisman and my other hand on the sigil.  I feel like it closed a circuit, creating a conduit of energy with which to power the summoning.  At that point, I gave my command as usual and closed the ritual space.  As I concluded, I envisioned a sort of reverse lightning bolt.  Energy being drawn from all around me and zooming back up into the sky.

Afterwards I feel a bit light headed and very hungry (I don’t remember being hungry before I began).  After a moment of exhaustion, I actually felt more energized than I did before beginning.

Still a ways to go on this ritual,


Back Again, well, you know how this goes

After yet another loooooooooong break from posting I’ve come back for what will probably be not very long like always.  But hey, at least I’m honest about it.

The magical fad of the moment for me is the works of Damon Brand.  His books are short and to the point, with just enough fluff to keep you moving and some hard hitting technique.  For those of you that are followers of my blog (such as it is) know that I’m a great admirer of The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb.  Damon Brand has a similar magical style to the master himself (and he acknowledges that Cobb’s work on NAP was a big inspiration for him).  In fact, in the beginning of his book Magickal Angels, Brand takes a stab at understanding the angel Arzel, and those words at the beginning of the NAP Ritual “Ankar YHVH”

Anyway, the book falls somewhere between NAP and Mystic Grimoire for complexity, having more ritual flair than NAP, but not requiring the fasting and magical oil and such that MG wants.  It utilizes two major talismans (called Shem Talismans) as well as a seal for each individual angel the book teaches you to call up.  There’s a pile of Latin chants and such that really all feels very…magic-y (a distinct requirement of any magic I perform is that it must absolutely drip with “burn the witch” feeling, and I find that Latin chants are one of those things that just get my magical motor running so to speak.)

To test it, I’m performing an evocation of Yezalel, who has the power to help the magician pass exams or tests.  I’m currently up against a nasty exam in a week or two, so I’m going to use Yezalel to pass the exam.

The evocations in Magickal Angels (man do I hate that K in magick anymore) are supposed to be begun on a Thursday and Ended on a Sunday, going for 11 days.  That sounds like a lot, but the whole ritual is like 10 minutes tops.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Brand reads like Cobb with a little more meat on its bones.  He discusses Lust of Result, as well as the importance of “selling the part” of magician in order to receive results.  Specifically he says that it doesn’t matter if you believe in magic, so long as when you’re evoking you behave as an actor and sell your role.  It’s an interesting perspective to be sure.

Brand has 7 small books in eBook (through Amazon’s Kindle) that cover topics such as angelic evocation, words of power, money magic, wealth magic, sex magic and more for like $1.99 each, or you can read his work through the Kindle Unlimited plan.

I’ll at least keep the blog updated for this ritual, maybe longer.  Time will tell.

Briefly, my post-ritual notes for tonight’s evocation session:

Working: Evocation of Yezalel (Exam Help)

Synopsis: Using the material from Damon Brand’s Magickal Angels, I performed an evocation of the angel Yezalel and gave it instructions to aid me in passing my exam.  I asked also for the angel to share some of the magical outcome with a friend who is studying for the same exam*

What Happened?: The ritual was quick and quiet, because people are in the house with me, but I tried to focus deeply on each step.  When I got to the point of using the chant to attract the angel, I chanted for a minute or so before continuing. Upon calling the angel’s name three times, I sensed (or imagined, as the case may be) a golden presence across the altar from me.  I gave it a moment to speak, but it did not (nor did I expect it to) so I gave my instructions and bid it leave to depart upon sealing my command.

Directly post ritual I was physically drained, and I sat still for several minutes to recover my strength.

Anyway, that’s what’s new.

Back in the game (at least for now),

*Brand suggests that giving back is a useful way of making ourselves more able to receive (kind of trite new age nonsense), but he suggests that instead of giving time or money to instead offer a portion of your magical result to someone who needs it.  I like the idea of it, and in this case I’ve asked Yezalel to apply the results of the magic upon my friend as well as myself.

Forty Day Challenge: Day 1 Report

Morning Meditation

I went to visit friends last night, and thus began the first day of my challenge not at home!  I went through my ten minute morning meditation right after waking up, laying down still in the bed to avoid drawing attention to myself.  It’s been a while since I’ve deliberately meditated, and it shows.  I was besieged by daydreams and fantasies, and it was all I could do to keep myself focuses.  I completed the ten minute period, but it was much more difficult than I remember it being.  I imagine that some of the difficulty came from the fact that I was laying in bed, and kept almost falling asleep.  Regardless, I just have to remind myself that the primary benefit of meditation to the mage comes from fending off such wayward thoughts and hardening the mind against such intrustion.


Upon returning home, I cleaned up my domicile a little and cleared a place to make offerings.  My current altar includes a couple pieces of statuary (a Buddha and Jesus, which represent the Level 1 divine energies of the fully enlightened in my spirituality), I also keep a Bible there, one of my malas for counting orations, and an offering bowl for…making offerings.

I performed an ad-libbed introduction, calling on the forces of Level 1 first, and then the spirits of Level 2, taking special care to acknowledge my ancestral spirits and the Elemental forces I’m going to be working with over the next forty days, and finally to the local spirits that are resident in my area.

Before making the offering I used invoking pentagrams in each quarter to open a gate to the Elemental planes to make a more welcoming environment for the elementals to be, after the ritual I used banishing pentagrams to close the gates again.

I had intended to offer light (energy), incense, and water at my ritual, but I discovered I didn’t have any incense, so I made do with a lit candle (light) as a general offering to everything gathered, and the water specifically for my ancestral spirits.

Upon laying out the feast, I made a short oration, explaining the challenge and my goals and asking for the spirits to help.  I also made an apology for any actual or perceived wrongs on my part.  I left things set up for a short time while I rested amongst the spirits, and then thanked and dismissed all present, and closed the gates I’d opened.

Elemental Work

I decided to start with Air, and work my way downward in density.  My first project in elemental mastery is going to be pore breathing that element.  I’m about to do it, and will report back with results.

Evening Meditation


Practical Work


The Forty Day Challenge

In my previous post I mentioned that I was about to begin a forty day challenge to live a magical life, but I hadn’t really ironed out the specifics yet.  Here, for your perusal, are the proposed rules of my challenge:


  1. Two 10 minute meditation periods, one in the morning and one at night
  2. One concise energy offering daily
  3.  Once per week, a more elaborate offering will be made, it must include physical supports and some form of ritual to go with the offering
  4. Forty Days, Four Elements: Each of the ten day quarters of the challenge will be ruled by a specific element, I will focus my mind on that element, do energy work with that element, and attempt to connect with that element as much as possible.  Also, a specific 15 minute period will be set aside daily for energy work (preferrably two 15 minute periods adjoined to my meditation periods)
  5. Some kind of practical spellwork, EVERY DAY

These are the rules of my forty day challenge, the purpose of it is to push my mundane life to the breaking point, and to form a strong daily practice.

I had some debate over what kind of magic to focus on outside of meditation and offerings, a large part of me wanted to focus on rune magic (which I secretly love) and another large part of me wanted to focus on the Planetary Intelligences from Agrippa (and really planetary magic in general, which is another fascination of mine) but they both would have required some extra background work to get ready for, and planetary magic has some timing concerns which would be unduly difficult to plan against the current state of my life.  Elemental magic forms a strong base for further experimentation, it’s spirit friendly (think gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders), and it divides my forty day schedule into fourths quite nicely.

My official Day 1 will be Monday, November 11, and the last day will be Saturday, December 21, just in time for Christmas.

I’m going to begin The challenge with an elaborate offering (call it a kick-off party for my spiritual allies) and I’ll post with more information then. Expect weekly summaries to follow.

Planning a party, and all my friends will be there,

And again I’ve disappeared into the aether

So it’s been awhile…

Sorry about that.

I fell off my practice again, I swear I’m going to have to hire an occult personal trainer or something.  First things first, for those keeping score, of my goals for 2013 from the last post (reproduced here) I’ve completed several (which are marked through):

  • Get straight A’s for Spring Semester 2013
  • Use my income tax return to pay off my car (completed by 2/28/2013)
  • Use the money saved after paying off my car to pay off my lines of credit
  • Get back to work (completed by May 2013 when my Unemployment Insurance expires)
  • Until 2/28/13: Keep detailed reports of income and expenses in order to find out exactly how much cash I can stand to save/mo
  • Upon killing debt, save at least $100/mo (tentative; based on results of previous goal) toward my savings account
  • Upon saving approximately 3 months of living expenses in my account, begin investing to ensure a comfortable retirement

Now, I did at one point pay off my credit, but unfortunately real life intervened and I had to reopen it and it’s a little overdue right now.  My first act is going to be to clean up my credit and get these bills paid.  My new job isn’t fantastic (I work at walmart) but it pays the bills and there’s room for improvement of my job position.

I’m on track to maintain my 4.0 GPA for Fall Semester 2013 as well, and I’ve been idly experimenting with some magic, but the big deal right now is my 40 DAAAY CHALLLENGE!

basically, I’m challenging myself to live a magical life for just forty days, that means some kind of daily contact ritual and some kind of spellwork.  I’m also encouraging myself to stay aware and in a magical mindset.  Finally, I should be performing impromptu maintenance magic as needed throughout the period to ensure my goals are met.

The Gauntlet is thrown down, keep me honest folks!

On the road again,

Back Again

Guess who’s back, back again?

Yeah, it’s me.  I went on an unexpected hiatus and now I’m back in the driver’s seat.  I haven’t been idle in my absence, I’ve been working on the material in the Strategic Sorcery Course.

Not long after my last entry I was laid off from my job, so it was a good thing that my life collapsed and I moved back home when I did!  In hindsight, I see the tracks of providence all over my falling apart.  If just one thing had happened differently, I would have been buried in the rubble of my imploding existence…

As it is, I got clear of the demolition by moving back in with my parents, I re-enrolled in college and I’m taking classes so I never get stuck doing a job I don’t want to do again (wishful thinking, I know).  I’ve been kicking around the idea of resurrecting the Integrated Altar Tabletop and really digging back into the 70s current and utilizing some of my developing Strategic Sorcery techniques to kick it into overdrive.

However, for right now it’s just spirit offerings, meditation, and Pillar & Spheres.  School so far has gone well, and I know I have the magical skill to keep everything running smoothly.

My goals for 2013 are as follows:

  • Get straight A’s for Spring Semester 2013
  • Use my income tax return to pay off my car (completed by 2/28/2013)
  • Use the money saved after paying off my car to pay off my lines of credit
  • Get back to work (completed by May 2013 when my Unemployment Insurance expires)
  • Until 2/28/13: Keep detailed reports of income and expenses in order to find out exactly how much cash I can stand to save/mo
  • Upon killing debt, save at least $100/mo (tentative; based on results of previous goal) toward my savings account
  • Upon saving approximately 3 months of living expenses in my account, begin investing to ensure a comfortable retirement

So I’ve got a busy year planned and it’s all about wealth.  I’m also seeking (in a vague kind of way) a new girlfriend, but honestly, it can wait until I get the financial sector of my life sorted.

To the readers who’ve commented in the past: Thanks for reading, keep commenting!To the readers who don’t comment: Thanks for reading, comment!
To the people who don’t read my blog: Thanks for existing, read it!

Gettin’ Busy (with work),


Drat! And Double Drat!!


I don’t get to start my work for Dad’s new job yet 😦

I got home tonight and found that someone had moved all the lighters and all I could find was a matchbook.  I went through all the steps (which I’ll run through here, so you can see how it’s coming together), and then went to light the match and discovered that the friction strip is all used up >.<

So, come morning I’ll have to either figure out where the lighters went, or I’ll have to make a run to the storage shed and get my boxes of matches out of storage (which I plan on doing at some point anyway.

So, until tomorrow, here’s the outline for the candle work I’m doing:

My altar is laid with two white altar candles at the back corners, and in the center, not far from each other is an orange candle dressed in Van Van to open new paths and break down obstacles (all while smelling amazing and lemon-y), and a green candle dressed in Steady Work to do the legwork once the road has been opened by the obstacle busting orange candle of opportunity.

I started by using a little florida water and a rag to wipe down the altar space, I also put a few drops into each corner of the room.

Then, I dressed my candles, rubbing upwards on the orange candle (away from me, and thus banishing obstacles) while saying a short prayer describing the purpose of the candle in the spell.  I rubbed downward (toward me, thus attracting a new job) while saying another brief prayer.

Next, I would have lit my white candles, asked for a quick blessing, then lit the orange candle.  I would have then paused for fervent prayer to power that candle before repeating that procedure for the green one.

Then, after everything was burning merrily, I’d go ahead and put out the two white candles in the back and let the other ones burn out.  (the white candles are altar candles only, they’re not dressed or part of the spell, and I dont want to replace them daily, I only have a dozen)

Anyway, I’ll take a snapshot of the altar tomorrow before I start, and write up a quick sketch of what goes down.

Frustrated by Runaway Lighters,