Game Plan Step 1: An Unstoppable Juggernaut of Prosperity

The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.
-Psalm 145:14

This is the Psalm verse used in the invocation of the angel Nememiah, who has the power to improve prosperity and ease anxiety (Brand, The 72 Angels of Magick, Chapter 77).  In the book, he states that Nememiah is a poor choice for someone that needs money, but should instead be called upon by someone who wants to increase money they already have.  In my mind, that makes Nememiah a supernatural financial advisor, growing your wealth while keeping you at ease by avoiding the bumps in the road.

I began the ritual to contact Nememiah yesterday (4/13/17) on a Thursday as prescribed in the text.  I will continue the ritual daily until the Sunday after next (4/23/17) for a total of 11 repetitions of the ritual.

My first performance went smoothly, and I’ve decided that for the remaining repetitions I’m going to pull out my financial documents and place them on the altar while I work, allowing the angelic energies something to latch onto here in the physical world.  Another possibility is that I may actually place a small basin of oil on the angel’s seal during the ritual, and then use the charged oil as an anointment for a copy of the documents.  I would then place the documents, along with my petition, in an envelope during the last repetition of the ritual and mark the outside with the angel’s seal to keep as a talisman of the working.  I like to create something physical in my magic whenever possible, as it helps the work to find footing in the material world.

Due to the long-term goal of this working, it may be difficult to definitively claim success for some time, but I will closely monitor my financials and report any major changes.

More Soon,


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