Bonus Post: The Job Seeking Missile

I was going back through the piles of my old working notes, and found this gem from 2015.  I had moved back into my parents’ house due to a financial collapse, and had just finished my second degree at the community college.  I knew it was time to get a job, so I got some magic working and found myself decent work!


Shopping List
St Joseph Candle
Steady Work Oil

Recommends the 23rd psalm said over it after prepping it.

The candle had an oration written on it that I used.  Beneath the candle is a petition paper in which I folded a small amount of the herbs listed and a copy of my resume, both dressed in Steady Work

I prayed over the components as I assembled the materials and read the 23rd Psalm as I lit the candle.

I then prayed a rosary with the intention of strengthening the connection with St Joseph.

Daily I read the 23rd psalm over it, and when I see myself thinking about the work and its outcome, I say “St Joseph hear my prayer and cross myself while looking at the candle, then I try to put it out of mind knowing that it is being handled.

Burning Notes

A short time after lighting, I moved the candle from its shelf to see how it was doing and accidentally put it out.  I poured off a little liquid wax from the candle and relit it, and it has been strong since.

The Candle finished today (5/23/15; began burning on the 19th if I remember correctly.) in the late evening.  Observation of the empty jar shows a clean burn with nothing but herbs left behind in the container.  No evidence of scorching on the glass or uneven burn.

Post Working Observations of Manifestation

I requested movement toward resolution by the last day of May.  I will job search tomorrow (preceded by prayer) to add channels for manifestation

As of 5/28, no movement toward resolution.  Tomorrow is the last day to reasonably expect resolution within the target timeframe as the remaining days of May are the weekend.


As you can see,  I was running out of time to get a result from the work.  I checked my resume, and it shows that less than a month later I had taken a new job that paid double what I was making before.

What I like about this ritual is that all of the physical supports were very cheap (a handful of spices and a novena candle from the grocery store is ~$5).  The most expensive component would have been the Steady Work Oil, but I actually already had some stockpiled, if I didn’t have it I would have foregone that component due to cost.

So readers, if you’re looking for new work and the situation is looking dark, put in a word with St. Joseph and you too could be employed!


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