Update: Magical Game Plan

I’m still in the process of step 1 from the previous post, but we went out house hunting yesterday and found a place we both really liked, that was going to be available starting Saturday.  It was the first place we stopped at, but after seeing six or seven other places, we kept coming back to the first place.  I will commence the ritual as instructed to smooth out the rest of the process, but I’m confident that I’m seeing a response from Yelahiah.

More news as it happens,



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I've been working with occult and mystical topics for nearly a decade; I've used everything from lewellyn "sheeple" books (we've all done it :P) to the lesser known old-school super-grimoires such as The Miracle of New Avatar Power, The Magic of New Ishtar Power, and the Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals. I'm not ashamed to say that for a time I fit neatly into a category called "McWiccan," but I found a better path and I've been on it for around 5 years. Despite having been doing this for a while, I acknowledge the length of the journey yet to come. Bring it on! View all posts by First Incantatar

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