My Magical Game Plan

While I’ve been quiet, I haven’t been idle.  Since my last post I’ve competed nationally in my professional field, started a job in my field, moved my girlfriend into my parents house, and begun making plans for the next major phase of my life.  Obviously, Magic is going to serve to smooth out the bumps and help me get where I want to be.  I’ve decided on the following major Magical happenings over the next month-ish (given the 11 day working span of Magickal Angel spells).

  1. Finding a Place to Live
    Yelahiah from Greater Magickal Angels offers to fulfill material desires such as finding a new home at the best possible price.  I’m going to combine that with Make Your Money Go Further from Words of Power in order to make the transition as smooth as possible
  2. Improving Work
    My current job pays out incentive bonuses for good performance, so my second major action is going to be to maximise these payouts (giving the dual effect of making me look like a great employee and enhancing goal #1).  My plan is to use Cahetel (Greater Magickal Angels) and his gift of a Strong Voice in combination with Lecabel (Magickal Angels) and the gift of “Inspirational Ideas for your Profession” to get ahead.
  3. Improving Love
    Why not, right?  Yeliel (Magickal Angels) creates Passionate Sex
  4. Certification Exam
    Yezalel worked wonders for me last time, so I will use that spirit again as I prepare for further professional certification.

Going to be a busy October,



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