Back Again, well, you know how this goes

After yet another loooooooooong break from posting I’ve come back for what will probably be not very long like always.  But hey, at least I’m honest about it.

The magical fad of the moment for me is the works of Damon Brand.  His books are short and to the point, with just enough fluff to keep you moving and some hard hitting technique.  For those of you that are followers of my blog (such as it is) know that I’m a great admirer of The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb.  Damon Brand has a similar magical style to the master himself (and he acknowledges that Cobb’s work on NAP was a big inspiration for him).  In fact, in the beginning of his book Magickal Angels, Brand takes a stab at understanding the angel Arzel, and those words at the beginning of the NAP Ritual “Ankar YHVH”

Anyway, the book falls somewhere between NAP and Mystic Grimoire for complexity, having more ritual flair than NAP, but not requiring the fasting and magical oil and such that MG wants.  It utilizes two major talismans (called Shem Talismans) as well as a seal for each individual angel the book teaches you to call up.  There’s a pile of Latin chants and such that really all feels very…magic-y (a distinct requirement of any magic I perform is that it must absolutely drip with “burn the witch” feeling, and I find that Latin chants are one of those things that just get my magical motor running so to speak.)

To test it, I’m performing an evocation of Yezalel, who has the power to help the magician pass exams or tests.  I’m currently up against a nasty exam in a week or two, so I’m going to use Yezalel to pass the exam.

The evocations in Magickal Angels (man do I hate that K in magick anymore) are supposed to be begun on a Thursday and Ended on a Sunday, going for 11 days.  That sounds like a lot, but the whole ritual is like 10 minutes tops.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Brand reads like Cobb with a little more meat on its bones.  He discusses Lust of Result, as well as the importance of “selling the part” of magician in order to receive results.  Specifically he says that it doesn’t matter if you believe in magic, so long as when you’re evoking you behave as an actor and sell your role.  It’s an interesting perspective to be sure.

Brand has 7 small books in eBook (through Amazon’s Kindle) that cover topics such as angelic evocation, words of power, money magic, wealth magic, sex magic and more for like $1.99 each, or you can read his work through the Kindle Unlimited plan.

I’ll at least keep the blog updated for this ritual, maybe longer.  Time will tell.

Briefly, my post-ritual notes for tonight’s evocation session:

Working: Evocation of Yezalel (Exam Help)

Synopsis: Using the material from Damon Brand’s Magickal Angels, I performed an evocation of the angel Yezalel and gave it instructions to aid me in passing my exam.  I asked also for the angel to share some of the magical outcome with a friend who is studying for the same exam*

What Happened?: The ritual was quick and quiet, because people are in the house with me, but I tried to focus deeply on each step.  When I got to the point of using the chant to attract the angel, I chanted for a minute or so before continuing. Upon calling the angel’s name three times, I sensed (or imagined, as the case may be) a golden presence across the altar from me.  I gave it a moment to speak, but it did not (nor did I expect it to) so I gave my instructions and bid it leave to depart upon sealing my command.

Directly post ritual I was physically drained, and I sat still for several minutes to recover my strength.

Anyway, that’s what’s new.

Back in the game (at least for now),

*Brand suggests that giving back is a useful way of making ourselves more able to receive (kind of trite new age nonsense), but he suggests that instead of giving time or money to instead offer a portion of your magical result to someone who needs it.  I like the idea of it, and in this case I’ve asked Yezalel to apply the results of the magic upon my friend as well as myself.


6 Replies to “Back Again, well, you know how this goes”

    1. Thanks for your question Nasir,
      I did awesomely</strong on my exam, and so did the friend I was sharing my magic with (as I described in the post). I'm actually a little surprised how well it worked 😀

      In any case I'd certainly recommend Magickal Angels, and I'm getting ready to start work with another Brand book (though I'm not sure which one). You can read about that here, if you’d like.

      Best of luck in your magical endeavours,

  1. Thank you for sharing.
    My spirit recently lead me to Brand work. As I was looking at a review from william oribello angel books. And I came across a reviewer page about

    My question to in regard. To giving thanks for the work that has been done for you what are some of the method or offering can one do. Does brand teaches that. Or simply show gratitude?

    My second questions. Do you feel presence, do you see them with the naked eye? Do they speak when calling an angel and working with them. How do you know their presence is here. And can they work on any problem that one may have In life

    1. iniherit1, Thanks for reading.

      In the FAQ on Brand’s website (Gallery of Magick), he suggests that the best way of giving thanks or rewarding the spirit is simply to appreciate the result. Brand himself acknowledges that a refusal to provide offerings or thanks rituals is merely his style, and that many occultists prefer to offer something.

      In general, I offer something in line with what I am asking for. I recently petitioned St Joseph for help in finding work suitable with my training. The offering I will make upon finding a job is to donate money from the first check to a charity in line with St. Joseph’s spheres of influence (a charity that helps people find work, such as Goodwill perhaps). In the past when I’ve worked with spirits I’ve made incense offerings. One note of caution is that I would absolutely not offer blood or bodily fluids to a spirit, as offering something so closely bound with you could lead to an energy vampirism type phenomenon.

      As to your second question, I’ve never been a sensor in my magical work. Some people have great success with feeling the presence of the spirit and sometimes even achieving visual manifestation. Just remember that the goal is results, not a light show. For me, when I reach the point in the call where the spirit is expected to appear, I pause for a moment and firmly believe that the angel is there. Once I have cemented that idea in my mind, I continue with the ritual.

      Thanks again for your questions, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


      1. wow. thank you so much, and I am sorry now I am replying back. I did not know if you wrote me back
        yes thank you for clearing that at the way . and make me understand some great points especially the part about not a light show.. ( as for me I am okay just acknowledging that the spirit is here I am okay with that..) right now I am working with Brands Book. magickal protection and word of power.. going through the MPR ( master protection Ritual) and Sword Banishing. I have done a few ritual from word of Power. I haven’t received yet the result I am looking for but I am everyday still practicing and know that changes is happening.
        one question would would you say Brands work is more evocation or invocation if so what is the difference.
        thank you

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