Living the Magical Life

Over at The Gallery of Magick, Adam Blackthorne is talking about the use of Low Magic to sort of lead one to High Magic (Indulge and Dream with Magick)

He talks about how many people (himself included) started doing magic because of what it could do for us.  In my case, I was an unpopular teenager from a poor family with a deep love of Dungeons & Dragons.  I wanted to be a wizard!  However, what I discovered (and the point of Adam’s post) is that Magic is never so simple.  Even results-based magic affirms your ability to reshape the universe to your whim, and there’s no way to come away from that unfazed.

Once you realize that the world bends to your will when you say funny words at your altar, your life can never be the same.  There is no more blaming circumstance or other people for what happens to you.  By taking up the mantle of Magician you become the pilot of your own boat.  The waves still crash around you, but unlike the average person you refuse to bow to the current of fate and continue onto your destination.

More importantly though is that as you practice magic your worldview shifts.  Seeing how fluid reality is helps us to see the truth behind the puppet show of reality.  For me it meant understanding that all things are One Thing.  God is us, and we are God.  I would never have been able to realize this Truth without my practice.  Actually seeing with my own eyes the effect my actions could have opened them to the possibility that our universe is more than crude matter.

As Adam finishes his post by saying:

If you come to the occult for shallow reasons or to solve problems, that’s ok. If you come to the occult because you’ve always believed it might work, that’s ok too. If you are drawn to the occult because you yearn for spiritual growth, you will find it. What matters is doing magick, and in seeing the results you get (and those you don’t get) you find out more and more about who you are, what you want and how to get it.

The Magical life comes from doing magic.  It doesn’t matter why.  Maybe you just need a new car, maybe you just want to be a wizard.  Whatever the reason is just do it!  One day you will look back on your Magical Life and recognize that as your magic changes the world, it also changes you.  As above, so below.

Living the Magical Life,


I am Fire, But I am Also Not Fire

As part of my regular practice I perform Jason Miller’s Pillar & Spheres ritual, separating the cosmic energies of Azoth into the four classical elements at power points within the body (in practice not dissimilar to the method behind the Middle Pillar but using elemental energies instead of a chakra based system).

I’ve taken to doing a brief meditation on controlling the elements after completing the exercise which was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender (Yay for Chaos Magic)

Yep, that one

I start with the lowest sphere (Earth, at the perineum) and draw in a deep breath.  Holding it, I feel it convert into Earth energy and then allow it to release along the arms or legs.  Using visualization, I direct the energy outward to form walls of stone around me and adopt a firm and martial stance.  At this point I have been adlibbing something to bring to mind the quality of Earth:

I am Earth, cool and dry.  I am Earth, firm and unyielding.  If I decide I will not move, nothing can move me.

Holding the imagery of Earth in my mind, I draw in a deep breath directed to the Fire sphere (located in the solar plexus).  Releasing it, I project fire from my hands in a circle around me just within the walls.

I am Fire, hot and dry.  I am Fire, passion and destruction.  I light the darkness and burn away impurity.

Maintaining the imagery, I breathe in.  This time the focus is on the Water sphere (located at the heart).  Releasing the breath, water jets spray from my hands, where it touches the ring of fire it spits and steams.  With my will it becomes a sphere around me, just within the ring of fire.

I am Water, cool and wet.  I am Water, fluidity and motion.  I claim victory by yielding to obstacles on the path.

The last element to be added is Air.  With a deep breath I release a stream of air which wraps itself around me (again just within the previous circle)

I am Air, warm and wet.  I am Air, unchained and unburdened.  No force in the universe can bind me.

In my mind, I see the elements merge.  First the air becomes one with the water, which spreads out and absorbs the fire, then merges yet further with the Earth.  As the merging completes, the elements are annihilated giving way to endless empty space.

I am Azoth, everything and nothing.  I am Azoth, formlessness and the endless void.  I exist, but also do not exist.

At this point, I conclude:

I am Air, but not Air
I am Water, but not Water
I am Fire, but not Fire
I am Earth, but not Earth
I am a Magician, without form I take all forms.
I am a Magician, without self I am all selves.
I am One.

The feel of the declarative statements in the ritual are definitely Buddhist in nature (denial of the self and appreciating the interconnectedness of all things), but I feel that it points toward a deeper truth.  Magic works because we’re all One.  As Eugen Herrigel says in Zen in the Art of Archery, “Fundamentally the marksman aims at himself”

Consider this ritual to be in alpha testing right now, I’m workshopping the spoken bits and I’ll update it as time goes on.

In Formlessness,

A Working for Work

I have begun a working to help the Girlfriend find a better job.  She has provided me with a list of requirements and I used them to craft a ritual.

I began by penning an offer letter (of the kind you might receive when being offered a job) which made an offer of a position with all of the requirements included (the salary, certain benefits) and included a date by which the result needed to be delivered by.  While taking few liberties to increase the effectiveness, I basically followed a template available online that would be used for offer letters by hiring managers.

After I finished writing it, I loaded my breath with energy and released it over the paper before folding the letter up and placing it into an envelope.  As I sealed the envelope I intoned the command

As I Seal This Letter, so is my Intention Sealed & Delivered

Next, I applied the target’s name to the outside of the envelope and put the return address as The Company You Most Want to Work For.

I completed by issuing energy and a prayer toward the Spirit of Commerce and have promised a suitable reward when my objective is achieved.

The Role of Material Supports in Magic

This is one of those topics that can be extra thorny among occultists of opposing models. For example proponents of the mental or information models say it’s all in your head, so why do you need any physical anchors?

In my experience however, the physical supports used in ritual provide important benefits.  One benefit is targeting.  Physical links such as hair, fingernails, saliva, etc are used to distinctly identify the target of magic.  Similarly, powders and oils can be applied to a target to “mark” them spiritually and create a channel for the magic to access the target.  In the scientific model I might say that I am using the qualities of quantum entanglement (things that were once one remain one) to complete a circuit through which the energy can flow to the target.

Another benefit is longevity.  Creating a talisman or other physical construct during the ritual anchors the energy you’ve bound into the world.  This is often used in servitor magic, giving the servitor a physical place to call home that you can access it allows the servitor to be connected to you in a very real sense.  The use of an altar and physical offerings is another aspect of this.  Magicians who utilize the spirit model might scoff at the need to mark a target, but would find great use in laying out physical offerings for the spirits to consume.

Thirdly, when magic is done for others (if that’s something you do) a physical support gives them something to touch that reaffirms their belief in what you’ve done.  Remember that while your belief in the magic may be unshakable due to a long history of success that your client may (probably does) not have the same strong belief.  Giving the customer a totem of some kind that’s linked to the work allows them to put hands on something, connecting the ethereal nature of the spell to something they can see and touch.

You don’t need to have a physical support for every ritual you do (though binding my spells into the material world is something I practice more often than not), but it’s definitely something to consider if any of these conditions are going to apply.

Talking about the Future of Liber Arcana

I’ve decided to buckle down and maintain this blog properly as a repository of my magical practice.  You’ll notice that the theme has changed and that I’ve added some new menus and things to make getting around easier.  My plan for new content is to make one post a week (on Fridays) that contains more theoretical material about what I’m currently working on.  The rest of the week will be smaller posts containing my observations and workings.  If there’s a topic that you would like to discuss on the blog, comment and I’ll work it into discussion Friday.


Sigil Experiment #1 – Basic Charge & Fire



  1. Choose a desire (I will receive a pleasant gift within fourteen days)
  2. Create a sigil by omitting repeated letters and vowels and arranging the remaining letters into an aesthetically pleasing glyph (I used
  3. Charge the sigil using excitation
  4. At the peak of excitation, gaze on the sigil
  5. Forget about it

I find that my practice is frequently lacking in scientific rigor.  If for no other reason than to know what works for me I’m embarking on a series of experiments with magic.  This carries the dual purpose of letting me practice magic and also revealing to me which aspects of magic work best for me.



Fluidity – The Natural State of the Magician

My life continues to evolve, and as I develop I am consistently finding my views on many subjects being challenged.  As I grew up poor, I developed a negative relationship with money and looked poorly on those who had it.  As I grew up unpopular, I railed against society and convention.  In short, as we magicians know, our mind creates our realities.

With that in mind, I continue to leverage the work I’ve done to continue evolving.  In my mind the Magician’s greatest quality is fluidity both in practice and in life.  In order to reorganize one’s reality at will, he must be able to create such changes in himself (the Hermetic axiom ‘as above, so below’).  In order to force continued adaptation I have begun absorbing controversial material and behaving contrary to my expected behaviour patterns.

Currently I am reading Robert Green’s The 48 Laws of Power.  To those who haven’t heard of this book, it is frequently called a handbook for the budding sociopath.  The blurb given on amazon reads as follows:

Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, The 48 Laws of Power is the definitive manual for anyone interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control. 

Essentially, The 48 Laws of Power is a modern version of Machiavelli’s manual of rule The Prince.

A brief description of each of these 48 laws can be found here, but some selected gems include: “Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy”, “Conceal Your Intentions”, “Get Others To Do the Work For You, then Take the Credit”, and of course “Crush Your Enemy Totally”

I wasn’t sure what I expected going into this work but what I’ve found is (to my horror) incredibly well reasoned arguments in favor of amorality.  The author suggests in the preface that all men play what he consistently refers to as “the game of power,” and that to not play is to place your fate in the hands of a more skilled player.  After some rumination on that thought I’ve come to the conclusion that I agree, after all a Magician is nothing if not one who controls his own destiny.

So, the action item to take away from this is that I am going to attempt to apply the 48 laws as rigorously as possible and experiment to see what it does to me and my worldview.  As the experiment progresses I’ll keep the blog up to date with any observations that I have.

Side Note: I’m going to begin revamping the blog today, updating all of the pages and maybe getting a new theme.  My goal is to encourage myself (as always it seems) to post more consistently.  Right now I’m going to aim for once weekly and ramp up from there.

Crushing my Enemies Totally(?),

Bonus Post: The Job Seeking Missile

I was going back through the piles of my old working notes, and found this gem from 2015.  I had moved back into my parents’ house due to a financial collapse, and had just finished my second degree at the community college.  I knew it was time to get a job, so I got some magic working and found myself decent work!


Shopping List
St Joseph Candle
Steady Work Oil

Recommends the 23rd psalm said over it after prepping it.

The candle had an oration written on it that I used.  Beneath the candle is a petition paper in which I folded a small amount of the herbs listed and a copy of my resume, both dressed in Steady Work

I prayed over the components as I assembled the materials and read the 23rd Psalm as I lit the candle.

I then prayed a rosary with the intention of strengthening the connection with St Joseph.

Daily I read the 23rd psalm over it, and when I see myself thinking about the work and its outcome, I say “St Joseph hear my prayer and cross myself while looking at the candle, then I try to put it out of mind knowing that it is being handled.

Burning Notes

A short time after lighting, I moved the candle from its shelf to see how it was doing and accidentally put it out.  I poured off a little liquid wax from the candle and relit it, and it has been strong since.

The Candle finished today (5/23/15; began burning on the 19th if I remember correctly.) in the late evening.  Observation of the empty jar shows a clean burn with nothing but herbs left behind in the container.  No evidence of scorching on the glass or uneven burn.

Post Working Observations of Manifestation

I requested movement toward resolution by the last day of May.  I will job search tomorrow (preceded by prayer) to add channels for manifestation

As of 5/28, no movement toward resolution.  Tomorrow is the last day to reasonably expect resolution within the target timeframe as the remaining days of May are the weekend.


As you can see,  I was running out of time to get a result from the work.  I checked my resume, and it shows that less than a month later I had taken a new job that paid double what I was making before.

What I like about this ritual is that all of the physical supports were very cheap (a handful of spices and a novena candle from the grocery store is ~$5).  The most expensive component would have been the Steady Work Oil, but I actually already had some stockpiled, if I didn’t have it I would have foregone that component due to cost.

So readers, if you’re looking for new work and the situation is looking dark, put in a word with St. Joseph and you too could be employed!